Rappers join models insisting on euros

Wednesday, 7 December, 2011

Ah, those were the days. And those days were in 2007, which is when the Independent was telling its envious readers, stuck with their dull sterling, about the product placement in “Blue Magic”, the new video from the “mega-star rapster Jay-Z”. Here’s the lyrical bit: “It is not a fancy car that he is endorsing — although both his rides, a Rolls-Royce and soft-top Bentley, are plenty spiffy — but rather a currency — and it is not the dollar.” It was, of course, the euro!

Rappers join models in insisting on euros as greenbacks fall further out of fashion” was the headline. Gossip about other celebrity endorsements was rife: “Chatter about his video comes on the heels of reports that Gisele Bundchen, the world’s richest model, is asking that payment for her numerous advertising gigs be in euros.”

And today? “Metallica rocked by euro crisis“. According to the Telegraph: “Heavy metal band Metallica has brought forward a European tour scheduled for 2013 to next year over fears the single currency will collapse, jeopardising the chances of getting paid for the gigs.” O tempora o mores as Cicero said. Watch Jay-Z flashing those €500s at 0.50.

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