How those Yahoos! destroyed Flickr!

Wednesday, 16 May, 2012

In one of the best articles of its kind for many a long day, Mat Honan of Gizmodo exposes corporate stupidity on a staggering scale in a piece titled “How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet“. Money quote:

“There’s a difference between a missed opportunity and a complete fuck-up. When Yahoo failed to capitalize on Flickr’s social potential, that was a missed opportunity. But if you want to see where it completely fucked up, where it just butchered Flickr with dull knives and duller wit, turn on your phone and launch the Flickr app. Oh, what’s that, you don’t have one? Exactly.

Flickr had a robust mobile Web site way back in 2006 — before the iPhone even shipped. You could use it with your piece of crap Symbian phone, or the dinky screen on your Sony Ericsson T68i. But it was basically just a browser. If you wanted to get a photo from your phone to your account, you had to email it.”

It may be too late in the day to fix Flickr, Honan says, and Yahoo! is probably too distracted now to take on the task because CEO Scott Thompson has just resigned after being tripped up by his academic record. Thompson had joined the company in January after previous CEO Carol Bartz was fired in September. Sadly, Yahoo! has become that kind of company.


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