Bob Dylan and those Early Roman Kings

Saturday, 4 August, 2012

Word on the street is that two songs from Bob Dylan’s forthcoming Tempest album will feature in the score of the new Cinemax series Strike Back. The song Early Roman Kings is classic Muddy Waters blues, with a lot of accordion atmosphere provided by David Hidalgo of Los Lobos. The show will also use the Tempest track Scarlet Town over the credits at the end of the first two episodes. Tempest will be released on 11 September, a date often shorthanded in the US to 9/11.

“They’re peddlers and they’re meddlers / They buy and they sell / They destroyed your city / They’ll destroy you as well / They’re lecherous and treacherous / A-Hell bent for leather / Each of ’em bigger / Than all men put together / Sluggers and muggers / Wearin fancy gold rings / All the women going crazy / For the early Roman kings.”

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