Karl reMarks about Fisk and Friedman

Friday, 24 August, 2012

In times of trouble and strife, one turns for light relief to the great Karl reMarks. This week has been brightened by the superb “Robert Fisk: Reporting from Syria ‘with sensational quotes in the headline’“. Background: The fanatical idiotarian Robert Fisk is employed by the likes of The Independent and Raidió Teilifís Éireann to channel anti-American/anti-Israel rage for the satisfaction of left/liberal interest groups over breakfast. Snippet:

“The soldiers outside talk to me more openly. They had interrupted the football game they were playing with empty B67 ammunition bags. The goal was a makeshift target between two T-72 tanks which for some reason I must mention in all my articles. One told me about the giant leaping Chechen fighters that he had come across only three days ago, but I sternly told him that it’s my job to make things up, not his. Instead, I asked him to tell me about his fiancée and his plans to open an internet cafe when the war was over.”

When it comes to egomania, not even Fisk can outdo the pompous, condescending and boring Thomas Friedman of the New York Times, which makes “Syria is Iraq and something about a midwife. By Thomas Friedman” so hilarious. Snippet:

“In the Middle East, the alternative to bad is not always good. It can be worse. It can also be ugly. Like, the good, the bad and the ugly. They just don’t have the clarity of our western dualisms. Pesky natives. At this point, I will mention something called the ‘Hama Rules’ to suggest that I am knowledgeable about the history of Syria. But in fact, all I know about Syria I garnered from one drinking session with Robert Fisk and a fox. But that’s another story.”

Addendum: It would be entertaining if Karl reMarks were to present us with an article by the ex-Mrs Robert Fisk, Lara Marlowe, who is presently recycling Obama campaign press releases as columns for the Irish Times. High time to do some “fisking” there.

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