The Patents and Trademarks of Steve Jobs

Monday, 27 August, 2012

From 11 May to 8 July this year, the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., hosted an exhibition titled “The Patents and Trademarks of Steve Jobs“. The lawyers representing Samsung in its failed attempt to justify stealing Apple’s intellectual property should have paid heed to this celebration of Jobs’ passion for filing patents. Clearly, the Apple co-founder was obsessed with ideas and he employed a troop of America’s patent lawyers to ensure that his legacy would be protected. From the day that the iPod was launched in November 2001 to the day that the iPad was announced in January 2010, Jobs and his legal team were preparing for the patent lawsuits that would, inevitably, follow.

The Smithsonian exhibit’s subtitle, “Art and Technology that Changed the World”, reflected what the genius Jobs knew to be true: patents and trademarks would become one of the great treasure troves of the 21st century. The fact that the United States Patent Office helped co-curate the Smithsonian exhibition speaks volumes about what’s at stake here.

Steve Jobs played to win and he’ll keep on winning until Apple’s rivals grasp that reality. Their only option now is to innovate because copying is too costly.

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