Obama vs. Romney: Round 1

Wednesday, 3 October, 2012

Bill Neat Writing in 1821 of a “milling cove” named Bill Neat, the immortal Pierce Egan, the Dryden and Pope of the old London prize fighting ring, said, “He possesses a requisite above all the art that teaching can achieve for any boxer; namely, one hit from his right hand, given in proper distance, can gain a victory; but three of them are positively enough to dispose of a giant.”

Mitt Romney will need that Neat right hand tonight if he’s to score in Denver in the first debate of the US presidential election campaign because if we’re to believe the mass media, President Obama is, indeed, “a giant”. With the aid of his trusty teleprompter he has been feted as the Cicero of our age. Still, the very fact that he is a teleprompter dependent suggests that he might be less agile in a bruising debate, so Romney, written off by the media as a walking, talking “gaffe”, must be authentic throughout the evening and place a big bet on that right hand of his.

With nothing to lose, in one sense, and everything to lose, in another, Mitt Romney must come out of the red corner tonight and go for a KO.

Regardless of the outcome, it should be a memorable encounter and, as in the days of Pierce Egan, when such a bout would have attracted legions of “Cyprians and Corinthians”, grand entertainment is to be expected.

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