One. Billion. Views.

Wednesday, 14 November, 2012

Analysts at ChannelMeter are predicting that the viral video sensation Gangnam Style will smash through the billion-views ceiling before this year is out. Take that, Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez. You’ve been and Psy-ed out. The ChannelMeter projection is that Gangnam Style will pass JLo’s On the Floor by the end of this week and Justin’s Baby ft. Ludacris by the end of this month.

Gang style chart

Two observations: The smartphone screen is enabling international pop music artists to emerge from parts of the world that previously were limited to a domestic music scene, and the hook line of a globally successful song needs to be in English. “Eh, Sexy Lady, oh oh oh oh,” sings Psy.

Meanwhile, the thing is mutating faster than a sci-fi virus. Students for a Free Tibet have posted a Gangnam Style parody video on YouTube satirizing China’s new leader Xi Jinping. And last night Psy teamed up with Madonna for a Gangnam Style mashup inn Madison Square Garden in New York City

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