Gentry Liberals

Monday, 22 April, 2013

Congratulations to Walter Russell Mead for coining the term “Gentry Liberals” in response to the latest screed by Maureen Dowd of the New York Times. For Dowd, and all the Dowdian clones out there, Mead offers this observation:

“Column writing is dangerous work and long success in the game can lead to the stifling of that Editor Within who keeps you from looking too stupid in print. A rich self esteem, fortifed by decades of op-ed tenure and dinner party table talk dominance, has apparently given Ms. Dowd the confidence to believe that she is a maestro of political infighting, a Clausewitz of strategic insight and a Machiavelli of political cunning rolled up into one stylish and elegant piece of work. From the heights of insight on which she dwells, it is easy to see what that poor schmuck Barry Obama can’t: those 60 votes on gun control were his for the taking, if he was only as shrewd a politician as Maureen Dowd.”

Gentry liberals, according to alter Russell Mead, “desperately want politics to be clean, to be about the ‘issues.’ And they yearn for their heroes to eschew all those nasty tricks of machine politicians.” The reality of politics is different. And so is the reality of life.

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