When the Rolling Stones do come to Worthy Farm

Saturday, 22 June, 2013

Much to the consternation of the Thane of Glamis, Great Birnam Wood did come to Dunsinane Hill and much to the consternation of those critics who wrote off the Rolling Stones a generation ago, this most perpetual of rock bands will play at Worthy Farm in Somerset next Saturday. Many of the grandparents of those attending Glastonbury Festival would have bought something called a “double LP” in May 1972 titled Exile on Main St. by these same Rolling Stones and they would have danced blissfully to All Down the Line. Here’s hoping the “boys” will play it down on the farm.

“Heard the diesel drumming, all down the line.
Heard the wires a humming, all down the line.
Heard the women sighing, all down the line.
Heard the children crying, all down the line.”

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