The Doge

Sunday, 23 June, 2013

“And they assembled in the church of St. Mark, and he was declared to be elected Doge; and they stripped off his clothes and led him before the altar, and there he took the oath, and there was given him the gonfalon of St. Mark, and he took it. Then amid great rejoicing he went up to the palace, and on the stairs he stopped with the gonfalon in his hand, and the chaplains of St. Mark cried aloud: ‘Let Christ conquer! let Christ reign! let Christ rule! And to our Lord Lorenzo Tiepolo, by the grace of God, illustrious Doge of Venice, Dalmatia, and Croatia, and lord of the fourth part and a half of the Empire of Romania, be safety, honor, long life, and victory! May St. Mark be thine aid!’

Then the Doge entered the palace, and the chaplains went to S. Agostino, where there was the Dogaressa, and sang praises to her.”

The Doge

Excerpt from The Chronicles of Venice: How the Doges Were Chosen

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  1. Henry Barth says:

    Doge – Dux (plural: duces) is Latin for leader (from the verb ducere, ‘to lead’) and later for duke and its variant forms doge, duce, etc.).

    Italians remember Il Duce more than any Doge.