We live like gods, and we don’t even know it

Monday, 22 July, 2013

“For most of our time on the planet, humans lived on the knife-edge of survival. A crop failure could mean starvation and even in good times, we worked from sun up to sundown to earn our daily bread. In 1600, a typical workman spent almost half his income on nourishment, and that food wasn’t crème brûlée with passion fruit or organically raised filet mignon, it was gruel and the occasional turnip. Send us back to ancient Greece with an AK-47, a home brewing kit, or a battery-powered vibrator, and startled peasants would worship at our feet.”

In the Los Angeles Review of Books, Tom Streithorst addresses Post-Scarcity Economics, brilliantly. “And yet we are not happy, we expected more, we were promised better,” he notes.

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