Angie wins the great debate by a neck

Monday, 2 September, 2013

The sole TV debate between the two top candidates in Germany’s upcoming general election, Angela Merkel and Peer Steinbrück, was won by a necklace. The fact that it was worn by Chancellor Merkel and that it incorporated Germany’s national colours speaks volumes about her cunning. This was understated national pride stylishly displayed and it made her un-telegenic opponent look even drabber than usual. In his desperation to win votes from the squeezed middle, which he plans to strangle further with tax hikes, Steinbrück even discarded the emblematic red tie that Germany’s pseudo-socialist leaders wear with stupefying conformity. He could have countered the necklace with a discreet lapel pin that showed his true colours, but his imagination didn’t stretch that far. Steinbrück is toast and Angie’s necklace now has its own Twitter account.

Schland Kette

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