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Wednesday, 4 September, 2013

The pleasures of self-hosting a blog are too many to enumerate here, but there is a downside, and it has a name: comment spam. Hundreds, sometimes thousands, of spam comments are submitted daily to Rainy Day. The latest wave is dominated by upmarket fashion brands, especially expensive handbags, ugly sheepskin boots and sports gear. The old reliables — pharmaceutical treatments for sexual dysfunction — are still there, but what’s new is misspellings of well-known product names, such as “Adobe Acrabat”. On top of this, there’s been a huge upsurge in comments filled with punctuation marks, behind which malicious URLs hide. Here’s an example from today’s harvest:

watsinseo???????????????????????????????????????? ????????????
tory burch ??
, ????? ???
, ?????? ???

Cd?Dvd???????????????????? ?????????????????????????? $20 ???????????????????? $150 ?????????????????4 ???500 ??????????????? 37 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? €™ s ????
?????? ???
, ?????? iphone
, ?????? ???

???????????????????????? ??????????????????WPP ?????????????????????????????? WPP ??????????????????????????????????????????????WPP ?????????????????????????
?????? iphone
, ?????? ???
rnrnSecond???????????????? web ?????????????????????????? web ???????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????? ????? ??? ?
??????????????????????????? 100 ??????????????????????????????????????

No blogger can cope with the current onslaught and the perverse economics of spamming mean that it costs almost zero to add more targets to the list. What’s worse, spammers are increasingly using people to type and post comments directly. These tend to be low-paid workers in internet cafes, schools and factories. The spammers don’t pay a price for their hit-and-miss strategy, but the poor blogger has to deal with consequences that range from loss of time to bloated backups. Thank God, therefore, for Askimet, which from now on will automatically detect and bin comment spam here.

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  1. Corvus says:

    Your blog keeps forwarding me to Something still embedded there…