Young Asian men buying up infant milk

Tuesday, 16 December, 2014

Odd sight in the local supermarkets. Young Asian men filling suitcases with powder infant milk. Maybe they are all delighted fathers who cannot get enough of the excellent European formulation for their babies. Perhaps their muscle is needed to carry the packed suitcases to distant places. The latter seems to be a more likely explanation when one considers the New York Times report of 25 July 2013: Chinese are buying up infant milk powder everywhere they can get it, outside of China.”

Shopping till they drop

Good for baby

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  1. Henry Barth says:

    Easy. The Chinese don’t trust their own powdered infant milk after the melamine problem of a few years ago.

    “As a major transit and financial center connecting East and Southeast Asia, Hong Kong has always had a flourishing contraband industry. Now, a new kind of white powder is being trafficked. Five years after six babies were killed and over 300,000 sickened by Chinese-made formula, still mistrustful mainlanders are fueling an illicit trade in infant milk formula.

    In almost two months, authorities have arrested more people for smuggling milk powder than for trafficking drugs in all of last year. Officials seized 8,841 kilograms of formula and arrested 879 people between March 1, when Hong Kong started limiting outbound travelers to two cans of formula each, and April 23. Almost half of that came from a syndicate that was hoarding about HK$1.1 million ($141,700) worth of milk powder.