Beautiful, Beguiling Violence

Friday, 1 May, 2015

Here is John Schulian writing about the Hagler-Hearns fight that took place on 15 April 1985 and which The Ring called “the most electrifying eight minutes ever.” This is good:

“As Bo Derek, Joan Rivers and a lot of TV stars who don’t deserve to have their names in print gaped and gawked, the champion woke up memories of dingy arenas where the air is solid cigar smoke, human flesh is the only thing anybody has to sell, and the showers never work. It can be a miserable business, this fight racket, and maybe Hearns forgot that with the kind of money he and Hagler were making. The price tags on this one said $5.6 million for the champion and $5.4 million for the challenger, and you can get your head turned around by a payday like that.”

Manny Pacquiao, who may earn as much as $120 million tomorrow night, is easier to like than Floyd Mayweather Jr. Explosive in the ring, he’s humble outside it, where he donates considerable amounts of his winnings to fighting poverty. “The social welfare system in the Philippines is called Manny Pacquiao,” quips boxing promoter Bob Arum. Pac-Man’s rise from poverty to fame, winning titles at eight different weights (a record), has given him deity-like stature among Filipinos, who have accepted the quirks — a fondness for drink and affairs — that nearly ended his career and his marriage before he found Christianity. Already a congressman from Sarangani province, he might become president of the Philippines someday. What’s not to like?

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