The Sorrowful Mystery

Sunday, 6 March, 2016

Six months have come and gone since 6 September and the pain, the loss, the grief is undiminished. Everything changed when that great force of nature and nurture known as “Mother” left us. It’s been a sorrowful time.

Sorrowful are the Mysteries of the Rosary, one of my mother’s favourite prayer rituals. From the perspective of a young boy, the nightly incantation of the Rosary was a chore but there were moments when the boredom cracked and something intriguing broke through the beads. Strange words tumbled out between the ‘Glory Be’ and the ‘Hail Mary’ and so was born a love of language.

The Rosary Vocabulary

“To thee do we send up our sighs.”

In the beginning was alliteration: several sad sighs sent since

“Mourning and weeping in this valley of tears.”

The geography of suffering was mapped out early. Young travellers would have to learn how to weep.

“So that by her fervent intercession we may be delivered from present evils.”

If there is going to be intercession, then let it be fervent. Who needs timidity when faced with present evils?

Eternal gratitude to you, Mother, for the love and the love of language.

Mammy praying on the road to Knock

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  1. Mary-Catherine Grogan says:

    Eamonn, it is so good to share your journey and how you are coping with grief. Your Mother was an extraordinary woman and loved by us all. Each visit home included a visit to Auntie Kit as we called her. Our Mother and your Mother shared so much and were like Sisters. Our sister Brigid had a wonderful godmother in your mother. Today is Mother’s Day and so good to read today’s input. Hope you and Ann are well. Mary-Catherine

  2. Dear Mary-Catherine

    Thanks for that lovely comment. I shall mail you later in the week.



  3. Melvin Antronica says:

    Weak and exhausted from loss of blood, lack of food and rest, Jesus falls three times under the cross.