Autumn in the air

Saturday, 1 October, 2016

On the first day of October our thoughts turn to autumn, the season of sweaters and scarves, of soups, stews, roasts and blazing fires. Yes, we mourn the waning, warming sunshine of summer, but the sad odes of autumn are nourishment for the soul.

The Autumn Stone by The Small Faces uses the metaphor of the season to reflect on the changing nature of life and love. The song was one of the 22 tracks on the band’s posthumous retrospective double album released in 1969.

“Flowers, cold from the dew,
And autumn’s approaching breath,
I pluck for the warm, luxuriant braids,
Which haven’t faded yet.

Let whoever wants to, relax in the south,
And bask in the garden of paradise.
Here is the essence of north and it’s autumn
I’ve chosen as this year’s friend.”

Anna Akhmatova (1889 – 1966)

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