The day the dodgy data died

Wednesday, 9 November, 2016

“All of the money poured by a financially challenged media industry into polls and polling analysis was for naught. It profoundly misinformed. It created a compelling and powerful narrative that was the opposite of what was actually happening. There may be few instances, except perhaps under authoritarian regimes, where the media has so successfully propounded a view of events not only of its own making but at such odds with reality. Trump is a simple proof: forget polls—they say what you want them to say.”

Michael Wolff in delicious, righteous form, there. It’s a snippet from Trump Win Exposes Media’s Smug Failures and each observation is a gem:

“The transmutation of political identities has arguably devolved into two parties: the Trump one, the angry retro people, and the Media Party, representing the smug modern people, each anathema to and uncomprehending of the other. Certainly, there was no moment in the campaign where the Media Party did not see itself as a virtuous and, most often, determinative factor in the race. Given this, the chants of ‘CNN sucks’ at Trump rallies should not have been entirely surprising.”

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