Wednesday, 4 October, 2017

Jakub Marian is a 28-year-old Czech linguist, mathematician and artist. He’s famous for his maps, which cover subjects such as the male to female sex ratio by country in Europe and special characters (diacritics) used in European languages. In January, he began mapping the names of the months and, aptly, he’s now arrived at October.

Each month’s map is accompanied by detailed etymological notes. For example: Irish Deireadh Fómhair can be translated as “end of autumn” or “end of harvest”. Welsh Hydref literally means “autumn”, and Breton Here and Cornish Hedra are derived from the same root. Scottish Gaelic dàmhair means “rut” (rutting period of animals).

Those who complain constantly that the internet is awash in dross should look at the work of Jakub Marian. It’s an antidote to ignorance and a reason for optimism.


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