Joan As Police Woman: Warning Bell

Saturday, 27 January, 2018

Real life and surviving are the main themes of Joan As Police Woman, who was born Joan Wasser in Maine to an unmarried teenage mother and was given up for adoption at infancy. She was raised in Connecticut, and had her first violin lessons at age eight. Talent will out and she was an “early admittance student” at the College of Fine Arts, Boston University, where she studied under, among others, Yuri Mazurkevich. But she found that “the Beethoven symphonies have already been played a million times and I am not going to do it any better.” So she got into punk trying “to bridge the gap between the guitar and the bass and play the violin really loud.”

In May 1997, her boyfriend, the musician Jeff Buckley, drowned in Memphis, and her grief found an outlet in her first album, Real Life. Her second, To Survive, was released in 2008 and the title referred to the loss of her mother to cancer. Her seventh album, Damned Devotion, will be released on 9th February. From it, this is Warning Bell.

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