Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella today

Thursday, 8 February, 2018

“Whenever skies are gray,
Don’t worry or fret,
A smile will bring the sunshine,
And you’ll never get wet!
So, let a smile be your umbrella,
On a rainy, rainy day”

So sang Betty Clooney, the second half of the sister act that was dominated by the famous Rosemary. On 5 August 1976, Betty Clooney, the aunt of the glamorous George, died in Las Vegas from a brain aneurysm, and after her death her family established a foundation for victims of brain injury. It operates the Betty Clooney Center for Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury near Los Angeles.

In memory of Betty Clooney, then, Rainy Day says: “Let a smile be your umbrella / On a rainy, rainy day.”

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