Sup, Yo!

Friday, 18 May, 2018

Recent birthday presents included a camisa superior by Toni Vartrano, the promise of a lunch at O’Callaghan’s Deli, and, from Ian, a copy of Shakespeare’s Words by David Crystal and Ben Crystal. Upon opening the book, the first word Mrs Rainy Day noticed was “sup”, a verb meaning to have supper:

1H4 I.ii.191 [Prince Hal to Poins, of Eastcheap] These I’ll sup
2H4 II.ii. 139 [Prince Henry to Bardolph, of Falstaff] Where sups he?
Oth V.i. 117 [Iago to Emilia] Go know of Cassio where he supped tonight

The meaning of “sup” has morphed in our time and in the lingo of the yoof it’s become the short form of the phrase “What’s up?” In another context it’s capitalized as SUP, which is the acronym for the popular activity known as standup paddleboarding, often referred to as standup paddling. The image below shows a band of SUPPERS at play in the Mediterranean Sea. Hat tip: Mrs RD.

SUP in Sitges

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