Londoners by Oliver Astrologo

Friday, 5 April, 2019

“There is no place that has the same energy and vibe you feel in #London. I spent two years immersing myself across all the inner boroughs of London through its famous streets to the well kept secret locations with the only intent to grab a tiny part of the soul of this city and pack it in a video for you.” So says the excellent digital director and photographer Oliver Astrologo.

What we have here is the sum total of more than 6,000 video clips captured over two years across more than 70 London locations. How does he do it? Here’s how.

“Noon comes with bells on, because this is London, and London is a city of bells. From its heart to its ragged edges, they bisect the day in a jangle of sound: peals and tinkles and deep bass knells. They ring from steeples and clocktowers, from churches and town halls, in an overlapping celebration of the everyday fact that time passes.” — Mick Herron, London Rules

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