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Willie Nelson at 80

Tuesday, 30 April, 2013 0 Comments

“A man of eighty,” said Lord Byron, “has outlived probably three new schools of painting, two of architecture and poetry and a hundred in dress.” And then, of course, there’s music. Willie Nelson, who celebrates his 80th birthday today, has met the scholars of jazz, blues, folk, rock and roll, disco, punk rock, hip hop, New Age and World music going the road of popular entertainment and out of these encounters he fashioned a school all of his own called “outlaw country”. Born during the Great Depression, and raised by his grandparents, Willie Nelson is “a poet and a one-man band.”

The rhythm of the tracks

Thursday, 10 January, 2013 0 Comments

The life of Keith Richards has been a rolling, rollocking road trip and it’s all been documented memorably in his autobiography, Life. Keef is very good on one of his genre’s central motifs: the train. Snippet:

“There’s something primordial in the way we react to pulses without even knowing it. We exist on a rhythm of seventy-two beats a minute. The train, apart from getting them from the Delta to Detroit, became very important to blues players because of the rhythm of the machine, the rhythm of the tracks, and then when you cross onto another track, the beat moves. It echoes something in the human body. So then when you have machinery involved, like trains, and drones, all of that is still built in as music inside us. The human body will feel rhythms even when there’s not one. Listen to ‘Mystery Train’ by Elvis Presley. One of the great rock-and-roll tracks of all time, not a drum on it. It’s just a suggestion, because the body will provide the rhythm. Rhythm really only has to be suggested. Doesn’t have to be pronounced. This is where they got it wrong with ‘this rock’ and ‘that rock’. It’s got nothing to do with rock. It’s to do with roll.”

Gary Clark, Jr. ain’t buyin’ you a diamond ring thang

Saturday, 24 November, 2012 0 Comments

Meant to post this last Saturday seeing that Gary Clark Jr. is from Austin, Texas, which was the setting for the penultimate Formula 1 race of the season. Clark is the real neo-blues deal and his buzzing-bee guitar sound combined with a suave vocal style suggest great things to come. “Well I ain’t got no […]

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Shake those hips with Joan Osborne

Saturday, 22 September, 2012

She was born in Anchorage, but not the Anchorage of Alaska. There’s an Anchorage in Kentucky, too, and that’s where Joan Osborne comes from. She moved to New York City in the late 1980s and formed her own record label, Womanly Hips. Here she blends rock, country, blues and folk in an infectiously danceable cocktail. […]

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Bob Dylan and those Early Roman Kings

Saturday, 4 August, 2012

Word on the street is that two songs from Bob Dylan’s forthcoming Tempest album will feature in the score of the new Cinemax series Strike Back. The song Early Roman Kings is classic Muddy Waters blues, with a lot of accordion atmosphere provided by David Hidalgo of Los Lobos. The show will also use the […]

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