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Wednesday, 21 August, 2019

It’s very much in the news, and it’s big up North.

“Most of the settlements which were founded in Greenland, in about the year 1,000, remained inhabited until well into ‘The Little Ice Age,’ which started in 1350 and lasted for approximately 500 years. In the beginning when the weather was considerably warmer, about 400 farms were started by the Viking farmers. However later, the extreme cold and glacial ice made farming on Greenland nearly impossible in these frigid northern latitudes. Recently, archaeologists discovered a Viking village that was radiocarbon dated back to circa 1430.

In the year 985, having been blown off course, Bjarni Herjolfsson became the first Viking to see the coast of North America. However, he missed his chance for fame…. Being more interested in getting home, he never set foot on the ‘New Continent.’ Instead, he set his course back to Greenland, leaving the discovery of America to others.” — Captain Hank Bracker, Seawater Two