Happy 95th Birthday, Kirk Douglas!

Friday, 9 December, 2011

Issur Danielovitch was born in New York 9 December 1916. He found fame and fortune as the actor Kirk Douglas and his best works includes Lust for Life, Paths of Glory, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Spartacus and Lonely Are the Brave. For Rainy Day, however, the best Kirk Douglas film is Ace in the Hole, which was made in 1951. It’s one of the most incisive, insightful looks at the workings of the newspaper business, then and now, and Douglas delivers a stunning performance as a man whose ambition blinds him to every human need.

In Ace in the Hole, Kirk Douglas is Charles Tatum, a hard-drinking reporter whose downward spiral lands him in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There, he stumbles upon a story and decides to manipulate it into a major media event. After a local man is trapped underground, Tatum arranges with the corrupt sheriff to intentionally delay the rescue while he builds the story — and his exclusive rights to it — into a frenzy of hype. Billy Wilder’s direction, the tautest of scripts and exceptional acting by Douglas make Ace in the Hole a classic. Essential viewing for the Leveson Inquiry, this.

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