The Sisters Brothers

Wednesday, 28 December, 2011

Another delightful item in the book-filled Rainy Day Christmas stocking was The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt. In short: The Sisters Brothers are a pair of fraternal contract killers roaming the 1850s American West. Charlie Sisters is shrewd and remorseless; Eli Sisters is less psychopathic and more philosophical, but cross him and he’ll blow your brains out real fast. The Sisters Brothers As the blood-soaked siblings make their ponderous way from the Oregon Territory towards California and their target, the reader is treated to many strange and terrifying sights. Sudden violence and gruesome death dominate the world of the Sisters Brothers and there is no room for pity in their hearts of darkness. Best of all, every page will have you laughing out loud. Snippet:

“We came across the camp of the dead prospectors, or to-be prospectors, or never-to-be prospectors. I counted five bodies facedown on the ground, and none of them was lying next to another. Charlie told me the story while emptying their pockets and bags of valuables. ‘This fat fellow here, he was the tough one. I tried to reason with him but he wanted to make a show for his friends. I shot him in the mouth and everyone ran. That’s why they’re all scattered and back wounded, see?’ He squatted before a slight body. ‘This one here can’t be more than sixteen, I’d say. Well, he should have known better than to travel with such hotheads.'”

In a world where originality is sorely lacking, Patrick deWitt has written a truly original book.

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