People just ain’t no good sometimes

Tuesday, 28 February, 2012

The baker and his wife had seven children. Money was in short supply and troubles raged in the country, but the baker’s family did not want because his loaves and cakes were popular. He would have loved a shop of his own but there simply wasn’t any space. Children and ovens need room and there wasn’t much of that. Then, his wife had an idea. Their house had a front window looking onto the village street and if they opened it during the day she could sell their wares to the passing public.

The shopkeepers grew alarmed when they heard of this for they feared being disintermediated by the maker of such an essential product. So they conferred and sent a delegation to see the baker and his wife. If you decide to sell directly to the public, they said, we will not stock your bread and that might have serious long-term consequences for your business and your seven children. Faced with this display of neighbourliness, the baker and his wife kept their front window closed.

Mother's cakes

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