Bad in bed in Wenglish

Sunday, 4 March, 2012

“Talking of misunderstandings, it turns out that the English think ‘bad in bed’ is rather an insult. In south Wales, however, it’s a state of poorliness, somewhat worse than just ‘bad’, but not as serious as ‘bad in bed under the doctor’. So if you enquire after someone’s health in Wales, don’t be alarmed if the answer is ‘I’ve been bad.'” So writes Bethan Tovey, a Senior Assistant Researcher for the Oxford English Dictionary. She explores the peculiarities of the Welsh/English dialect in an OUPBlog post titled “Music in your blood and poetry in your soul”: the beauty of Welsh English.

Fave Wenglish bit? Turned it over, which means to change TV channels: “I wasn’t struck with anything on BBC, so I turned it over to the other side.”

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