Fifty People One Question — Galway, Ireland

Thursday, 15 March, 2012

As regular readers may have noticed, Ireland is the theme here this week. With St Patrick’s Day being celebrated around the world on Saturday, it is only right and proper that his adopted homeland should occupy our spotlight. But what would the country’s patron saint make of the place today if he were to return? He’d see a nation that’s been rocked to its foundations by a succession of recent revolutions. The toppling of the Catholic Church from its pedestal of moral authority, the exposure of the incompetent elites and the implosion of the domestic economy are just three of the traumas that have forced the country to examine its conscience and values. An honest response to the big questions now being asked of the Irish nation remains outstanding, however, and may never come, given the country’s schizophrenia.

And yet, Ireland continues to exert its fascination upon those in search of the alternative in an increasingly homogenized continent. Kamil Krolak was born in Szczecin in Poland in 1986 and moved to the West of Ireland in 2007. There, he follows his passion of film-making. “Fifty People One Question — Ireland” has been viewed more than 650,000 times on YouTube and it conveys better than most films the elusive essence of the place.

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