Poland vs. Greece vs. Germany vs. Spain vs. Europe

Friday, 8 June, 2012

Thank God for football. This evening in Warsaw, Euro2012 kicks off with Poland vs. Greece and we can forget about the weather and the world for a few weeks as we give ourselves over to the joys of the beautiful game. But wait, what’s this? “Spain’s Twitter Users Say ‘Stop Merkel‘”. It’s a story from the Wall Street Journal suggesting that there’s no love lost between some of the contenders for the Euro2012 title. In fact, if one takes the time to read the tweets that use the #StopMerkel tag one gets the impression that the level of animosity between Europe’s peoples is reaching worrying levels. And all of this thanks to the convulsions of the single currency that was meant to bind its member states together in prosperity and happiness. Tragic.

On the upside, it means that the games of Euro2012 should be even more vicious, er, competitive, than ever as the ill-will that’s bubbling under across the continent can be transferred to the playing field. There, scores that cannot be settled on the trading floors of the bourses will be dealt with by real men, wearing boots and tattoos. Spain vs. Germany final, say we. Expect lots of cards.

Talking of cards and the euro’s unlimited potential to spark aggression, there was a definite red card situation here when the Greek right and left teams met earlier this week. Let’s hope the ref tonight will come down hard on this kind of thing. Game on!

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