The euro war of words

Tuesday, 12 June, 2012

The cover of the current issue of The Economist, which castigates Germany for its reluctance to become more engaged in efforts to refloat the global economy, didn’t go down well in Düsseldorf, where the country’s leading business newspaper, Handelsblatt, is headquartered. It responded with a featured titled Original oder Fälschung? (original or fake?) and an editorial text accusing The Economist of failing to understand what’s really happening in the world. The Economist has replied by saying: “The Handelsblatt image signals that the Germans still don’t get it,” and, unlike Handelsblatt, it allows people to debate the matter. The comments are numerous, partisan and informative. The war of words confirms our deep belief that the euro is a Pandora’s box, and now that it’s been opened all kinds of troubling animosity is abroad once more.

The Economist on Germany

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