Waiting for the Supremes and Germany vs. Italy

Thursday, 28 June, 2012

While millions of Europeans worry that their money will soon be worthless and further millions are filled with fear that the Spanish style of soccer will eventually suffocate the beautiful game, the people of the United States are in a state of suspended animation as they wait for the Supreme Court to deliver its critical verdict on what has become known as “ObamaCare”.

Right on time for this historic decision, Megan McArdle, recently of The Atlantic and The Economist, returns to the blogging arena with a new perch at The Daily Beast. In “Waiting for the Supremes“, she puts her cards on the table:

“Two years after it passed, I’m still fairly well convinced that ObamaCare is a vast Rube Goldberg contraption that will undercut health care innovation while making the government’s finances much more parlous. So far, the law has produced a lot of nasty fiscal surprises as various revenue-raising components turned out to be completely unworkable. The only ‘upside surprise’ I can think of is the unsurprising revelation that if you force insurers to cover children up to the age of 26, more people under the age of 26 will have health insurance, at some increase in premium costs. It’s hard to support such an obviously damaged program even though there’s some chance I will personally benefit from it.”

Regardless of the outcome, “America will still be here. Flowers will still bloom, people will still fall in love, and yes, Americans will still wend their ways to the polls to select the tallest, best-looking, best-pandering politicians to lead them,” writes McArdle somewhat wearily in her first Beast post. And Spain will be Spain and the euro crisis will never end. But, as Robert Browning noted in Pippa Passes: “God’s in His heaven — All’s right with the world!” So let’s enjoy Germany vs. Italy tonight.

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