“There is a lot of crisis going on currently in Syria”

Monday, 16 July, 2012

The perpetrators of “advance fee fraud”, which is generally known as the “Nigerian 419 scam“, keep a close eye on international developments and never miss an opportunity to match their message to the crisis du jour. In this case, it’s the Syrian civil war and here’s the message that was delivered to the Rainy Day inbox.

Good day,

I am Mr. Hakeem Malik. I represent the interest of my brother in-law who is a minister in the Syrian Government. As you probably know, there is a lot of crisis going on currently in Syria and my brother in-law is having problems with the ruling party and they are currently investigating his ministry. The ruler of Syria While he is sure that he has not done anything wrong, there is also every reason for him to secure to think ahead his family’s future in case the unexpected happens. He has asked me to help him find a reputable foreigner who can help him accommodate and invest huge amount in US Dollars privately. These funds are his private money that he has made over the years in doing side deals and contracts.

I am contacting you with the hope that we can do this business together. We need your help to accommodate and lodge the funds in the banking system in your country. We will handle the logistics involved in the movement of the funds to you. Please note that the entire business will be executed in a legal way in such that it won’t jeopardize your safely. He has promised to give you 20% of the total money as compensation for this unusual request because he understands that a lot of compromise and manoeuvre must be done from your side to be able to accommodate and convert this fund for investment in your country. This project will be done discretely. He also would like to know if you can help with investing the remaining 80% in a lucrative business in your country within a period of 5 years.

If this proposal interests you, please kindly respond ASAP. When I get a positive response from you, I will give you all the details involved in the execution of this transaction. Hopefully, we can do some good business together. Please reply to my email address: [email protected]


Hakeem Malik

There was a time when access to a Swiss bank account would have helped Mr Malik and his willing helpers, but Swiss bank accounts are not as watertight as they once were. A better option may be Bitcoin, which prevents prying eyes from seeing what’s in your virtual wallet. Although the total Bitcoin market cap is still too small ($80 million) for stashing huge sums of money, that will change. Interestingly, it’s said that much of the recent surge in Bitcoin value is from Greeks converting their euros to avoid the devaluation that will come when Athens is expelled from the eurozone.

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