The Guardian tries its hand at Syrian satire

Thursday, 9 August, 2012

It’s been a while since Rainy Day has read Seamus Milne, the Guardian-based apologist for everything from jihad to communism. This week, he tried his hand at satire by laying the blame for the Syrian slaughter firmly at the doorstep of the West. In doing so, he pushed all the buttons beloved of the left: neoconservatives, CIA, Nicaragua… Snippet: “Barack Obama has so far resisted the demands of liberal hawks and neoconservatives for a direct military assault. Instead he’s authorised more traditional forms of CIA covert military backing, Nicaragua-style, for the Syrian rebels.”

This has to be satire, right? If it isn’t, the Guardian — once a respected newspaper with an illustrious past — has disgraced itself. Naturally, the paper is entitled to its stance on the slaughter in Syria, and it is desperately in need of more page views, but its readers should be aware that Seamus Milne is not as amusing as he imagines himself to be. He’s actually a spoiled brat and his demands for attention are increasingly embarrassing. The bizarre thing about Milne, though, is that he seems to prefer living in imperialist Britain than in paradisiacal North Korea. He’s so selfless he’s willing to put up with the rain. Next week in the Guardian satire series, Seamus Milne treats his readers to a rehabilitation of two famous victims of Western oppression, Idi Amin and Mao Zedong.

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