Slovenly Slate, ghastly Guardian, zany Zeit smear of Paul Ryan

Wednesday, 15 August, 2012

The biased nature of what passes for journalism today was on full display yesterday when three media organs participated in a smear of Paul Ryan that would be laughable were it not so dreadful. First up was Slate, where the Andrew Sullivan lookalike, typealike Matthew Yglesias could not resist repackaging unsupported insider trading accusations leveled at Mitt Romney’s running mate. But Yglesias was forced to eat humble pie and had to issue a “Let me apologize. I originally had a too-credulous item here… ” climb-down, but the damage was done because the Guardian, in the form of Dominic Rushe, then copied the Slate lie and expanded upon it. The only form of apology came in a sloppy line tagged on later to the end of the piece: “This article was updated at 9.30pm ET on 13 August to reflect a denial of impropriety by on the part of Ryan”. Finally, Germany’s Die Zeit repeated the calumny relying upon both the Guardian and the discredited source of the original Slate story.

Slovenly, ghastly, zany… Slate, The Guardian and Die Zeit have completed the transition from journalism to propaganda.

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