Jimmy Savile will put a stake through the rotten heart of the BBC

Monday, 15 October, 2012

On 29 October last year, Jimmy Savile died. On 9 October this year, he returned from the dead. And this time round the undead DJ is dragging around with him a stake that will be driven through the rotten heart of the BBC. Jimmy Savile For make no mistake, the fact that the BBC spiked a story about Savile’s sex crimes on its flagship Newsnight programme while at the same time broadcasting eulogies to a man we now know spent decades molesting and raping children will destroy its reputation as a paragon of virtue and tarnish, forever, the corporation’s standing as the global benchmark for journalistic integrity and impartiality.

The BBC house of horrors has many uncanny parallels with the paedophilia scandals that have shaken the foundations of the Catholic Church. In both cases, powerful people used their positions to abuse children while influential institutions then turned a blind eye and did what they could to make sure that no one found out. But what’s particularly disconcerting about the Savile affair, especially for the chattering classes, is the revelation that hideous sex crimes are not solely the domain of the Catholic Church or any class or group. They can also be committed under the supervision of the most ardent secularists, and seemingly respected professions are routinely used as a shield by those who commit these offences.

Jimmy Savile used the authority bestowed upon him by the BBC to rape and molest children, and because the BBC valued its image more than the lives of these children it enabled his crimes and attempted to kill the ensuing scandal. But the demonic DJ has returned from the dead and he’s really going to fix it this time.

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