The success of smartphones comes at a price

Tuesday, 11 December, 2012

That’s what John Naughton argued in The Observer on Sunday. How ironic it was, then, that an ad for one of the biggest smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Note II, should intrude on his column and put the squeeze on his words. Success does, indeed, come at a price and the unwieldy Samsung device, which exists somewhere along the spectrum between tablet and phone, takes up a lot of space.

Cutting to the chase, Naughton says that the future is mobile. “We’re heading for a world in which most people will access the internet via handheld devices — phones and tablets. And this is a really big deal. On the one hand, it will make it easy for billions of people to integrate the net into their daily lives, with all the benefits that that can bring. On the other hand, it will greatly enhance the powers of corporations that few of us have any reason to trust.” A bit of an optimist, is John.

Samsung Galaxy Note II is a big 'un

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