To visit the sick

Thursday, 14 March, 2013

Along with feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, ransoming the captive and burying the dead, Francis I believes that visiting the sick is one of his most important duties.

Francis I

When we look at the ideologies that are now in the dustbin of history, we are forced to ask: Why, of all institutions and beliefs, has that of Francis I outlasted them. G. K. Chesterton found the answer in the flawed character of Peter, the predecessor of Francis:

“All the empires and the kingdoms have failed because of this inherent and continual weakness, that they were founded by a strong man upon strong men. But this one thing, the historic Christian Church, was founded on a weak man, and for that reason it is indestructible. For no chain is stronger than its weakest link.”

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