Milestone week for Twitter and YouTube

Friday, 22 March, 2013

One of the problems with sleeping is that it prevents one from tweeting. Joe Weisenthal, Executive Editor of Business Insider, @TheStalwart, admits as much and he’s clocked up a remarkable 116,313 tweets to prove that he’s doing his best to keep awake and alert 24/7.

Would Joe Weisenthal be a happier, healthier person today if Twitter hadn’t been invented seven years ago? It’s too late now to ask that question because all changed, changed utterly on 21 March 2006 when Jack Dorsey sent Tweet No. 1. Since then, the service has expanded to 200 million people writing 400 million messages a day. And talking of success, it’s worth pointing out that YouTube is just one year older than Twitter and it announced a milestone of its own this week: one billion unique monthly users. Every minute, 72 hours of video is added to the channel, so it was appropriate that Twitter should turn to YouTube to celebrate its seventh birthday.

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