The Saints remembered

Saturday, 18 May, 2013

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performed a song titled Just Like Fire Would on 14 March in Brisbane during the opening show of the Australian leg on their Wrecking Ball Tour. “I go to work and I earn my pay load / And the sweat, it falls to the ground” is a couplet that fits perfectly into the Springsteen narrative of the blue-collar hero, and then there’s the anthemic chorus plus the guitar riffs. What’s not to like about this cinematic Guthrie-style composition? The song, however, was written far from the industrial heartland of Ohio. A seminal Australian rock band called The Saints, which formed in Brisbane in 1974, included Just Like Fire Would on their 1986 album, “All Fools Day”, and it became part of the canon of Down Under music, much of which is covered by dust, sadly, given Queensland’s remoteness from the rest of the world. And then along came The Boss. Not a sparrow falls from the lyrical sky without his noticing and so The Saints were elevated, for a brief moment in March, onto the musical plane where dwell the likes of Born to Run and Glory Days.

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