Questions for the scam-artist @arusbridger at the @Guardian

Friday, 23 August, 2013

Louise Mensch has them, and they’re good. For example:

You state

The Guardian paid for Miranda’s flights. Miranda is not an employee of the Guardian. As Greenwald’s partner, he often assists him in his work and the Guardian normally reimburses the expenses of someone aiding a reporter in such circumstances

You paid for David Miranda’s flights and expenses because, you claim, he was “assisting Glenn Greenwald” in his work.

But how was he assisting Glenn Greenwald? If he was transporting purely “journalistic materials” why did Greenwald not use FedEx? If the data needed to be secure, why not use a P2P fileshare site? Why did the Guardian approve paying Miranda’s expenses when there are direct flights from Berlin to Rio that Poitras and Greenwald could have used?

Is it because Glenn Greenwald explained to you that as a US citizen he could not email, transport, or securely share stolen information about US and UK intelligence operations against foreign regimes without committing a serious felony and needed to use his husband as a mule?

In that case is not Guardian Media Group corporately responsible for abetting espionage against the United States and United Kingdom?

Yes, it is.

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  1. Michaelfromuk says:

    But isn’t posing a question, and then answering it, and then commenting on the answer, merely rhetoric; and hardly worthy of comment in itself *irony alert*

  2. The idea was to draw attention to the great work that Louise Mensch has been doing in shining a light on the scoundrels Manning, Assange, Snowden, Greenwald, Miranda and Rusbridger. Hence the upfront link to her blog post. The quote in question was picked because I agree completely with its sentiment and content.

    • Dipika says:

      Obama would love to see the end of Christians in the historic lands of Christianity. This rmgeie that the American public have elected is a monstrous one, with no respect for Western traditions of individualism, and the rights of man. Anything that comes out of this American rmgeie, whether the supposed use of Sarin gas in Syria, which Carla de Ponte was confident was used by Syrian Jihadists or that China is hacking into American servers. Far more likely, it is the NSA and its arms that are hacking into Chinese servers, and China is responding in like. As I pointed some months back, the Obama rmgeie, and thus the USA itself, is becoming a rogue rmgeie and nation. Its gross violation of civil rights, using arms of government like the IRS, to destroy conservative and traditional America, are just a few of the crimes that have come to light. Who knows what else they are doing?

    • Roseli says:

      Like many old vets, I learned, long ago, what an ugly mess the US is. Too too gloomy, too doomy, etc have been the accusations for decades. Sorry but I really don’t think most Americans give a shit. As long as they get their football, beer, cheap gas and air headed TV, all is well with the world far as their concerned. Those folks who talk, oughta kill em anyway. Foreigners, just worthless people taking up space. Don’t believe me, go down to the local bar and listen.

  3. Kevin, Ellsberg did not seek refuge in China or Russia, which were tyrannies back then, and still are today. He didn’t run and he didn’t make common cause with the sworn enemies of the West. Instead, he stood his ground and was fully committed to the anti-war movement as a matter of conscience. The traitor Snowden does not deserve to mentioned in the same breath as Ellsberg.

  4. Kevin says:

    I think we both agree that Ellsberg is an outstanding fellow – intellectually and morally with superb judgement shaped by his personal experience. His memoir provides compelling insight into the Vietnam debacle and the lies/errors that spawned it.

    Frankly, is there anyone else alive today more qualified than Ellsberg to opine on Snowden and his decision making? I think not. Hence Ellsberg’s perspective on Snowdon is particularly valuable.

  5. Juan says:

    Snowden is a hero. We have fourth ademmnent rights. The congress lied to the nation, they have no right to spy on millions of Americans Congress using tax payer money to spy on innocent people is criminal. This program did not need to be secret and in no way would people have approved them tapping into our txt messages..which is part of the data they are collecting randomly. We have a right to know they are collecting our data and how they are using it and how they store it. No third party should be allowed to tap into our contracts with our phone companies..or the services we PAY FOR. Who gave corperations the right, and who gave the government the right to abuse our legeal system and abuse our constitution? When we sign a contract with a company like verizion, they should not be allowed to change it at will, with out our approval or knowledge..we never agreed to allow them to Share publicly our phone information.

  6. Thomas says:

    Edward Snowden is a traitor to the United States. He belongs in jail as do many others who have committed crimes in and against the U.S. but instead are slapped on the wrists. He should not be allowed to be telling other countries what he discovered about the U.S. He shouldn’t even have access. Has he taken an oath of confidentiality? We have spies who do the work that needs to be done. He not a legitimate spy. Spies don’t inform the Public, much less other countries. Besides, George Bush started this and got away with it; why blame President Obama because of the color of his skin? Shameful!