There’s going to be a Ruddbath Down Under

Thursday, 5 September, 2013

Australians vote on Saturday to elect a new parliament. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is hoping to win a third term for the ruling Labor Party and he’s up against a coalition led by Tony Abbott of the Liberal Party. But wait, wasn’t the election planned 14 September? That’s right. Back in January, Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the election would be held mid-September, but following a nasty Labor leadership struggle in summer the shrill @JuliaGillard was ousted as leader by the bland @KRuddMP, who then abandoned the originally planned date.

On Saturday night, Rudd will be abandoning government as well because all the indications are that Labor is going to get hammered. Australians are sick to the teeth of the leftist/greenish ideology they’ve been force fed by the Gillard-Rudd axis. Polls show that the coalition is walking it home:

“Tony Abbott has overtaken Kevin Rudd as the nation’s preferred prime minister for the first time in their four-year rivalry as support for Labor fell to its lowest since Julia Gillard was removed.

Going into the last week of the election campaign, Labor’s primary vote support has slumped to 33 per cent — the lowest ever under Mr Rudd as Prime Minister — after Treasury and Finance repudiated the government’s claims on the cost of Coalition promises.”

Hope ‘n change, and all that.

Meanwhile, the loony left is expressing its pre-mourning, pre-grieving post-mortem op-ed rage.

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