Angela is on the way

Sunday, 22 September, 2013

Early in her political career, Angela Merkel was underestimated as a potential opponent by her rivals. Given her rather frumpy look, she must lack ambition, they reasoned. But as history shows, Merkel has been well served by appearing staid. She’s the Chancellor, after all, and every one of those well-dressed opponents has been put out to grass. Merkel’s exterior sends a subliminal signal to the German electorate that her time and thinking is completely dedicated to their needs — she has more important things to manage than her wardrobe. Here’s a woman who does not waste time on shopping and grooming is the message.

As the daughter of a Protestant pastor growing up in East Germany, Angela Merkel didn’t have much exposure to fashion magazines, so she developed other interests. And, anyway, there’s always Photoshop for prettying up those election posters.

Angela Merkel is coming

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