Toronto rises thanks to rooftopping

Tuesday, 8 October, 2013

Heard of the daring Ukranian known as “Mustang Wanted”? He’s the star of a newish trend that cannot be defined by any single word. Essentially, it involves climbing buildings and bridges and then hanging on to the edges. Maybe it should be called “skywalking” after Vitaly Skywalker, who pioneered the hobby, but he ran into trouble with the law in Russia and his place has been taken by intrepid Mustang Wanted.

Instead of skywalking, Tom Ryaboi does “rooftopping,” which, in his case, involves climbing tall buildings to get the best photographic angles on an urban scene. Last year, Ryaboi decided that he wanted to create a video clip of Toronto where “the boundary between earth and sky is unclear.” With the help of a theatrical score by Hans Zimmer, these rooftopped shots are breathtaking. Tomorrow, here, in honour of the opening of the Frankfurt Book Fair, an Austerian interlude.

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