Barcelona: The city that Cerdà helped create

Tuesday, 15 October, 2013

When one thinks of Barcelona and urban design, the name that immediately comes to mind is that of Antoni Gaudí, but there’s a case to made that Ildefons Cerdà was the better builder. A civil engineer by training, Cerdà was also an urban planner, an architect and a health specialist: an ideal city-creator, in other words. The avenues and boulevards of Cerdà’s l’Eixample (Expansion) plan made life both pleasant and healthy for the barceloní/barcelonina used to five centuries of “rambling” on La Rambla, one of the world’s greatest people streets.

Cerdà built upon tradition and his limit of seven to nine stories for buildings throughout the plan made the entire urban “room” feel human in scale. Barcelona has broken this rule in recent decades, but when it has, high-rise buildings such as Jean Nouvel’s impressive Torre Agbar have added to the character of the city. Cerdà would be pleased with this timelapse clip by Alexandr Kravtsov.

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