Waiting for Bond

Friday, 18 October, 2013

The order has been placed with Amazon and the delivery van will soon be on the way carrying Solo. We’re talking the new James Bond thriller by William Boyd. While we wait, impatiently, let’s enjoy the cover art of the first 007 adventure, Casino Royale. By the way, all the Bond books were published in Britain by Jonathan Cape between April 1953 and June 1966 and the cover art ranged from classic to catastrophic. Snippet:

“There’s a Good Book about goodness and how to be good and so forth, but there’s no Evil Book about how to be evil and how to be bad. The Devil had no prophets to write his Ten Commandments, and no team of authors to write his biography. His case has gone completely by default. We know nothing about him but a lot of fairy stories from our parents and schoolmasters. He has no book from which we can learn the nature of evil in all its forms, with parables about evil people, proverbs about evil people, folklore about evil people. All we have is the living example of people who are least good, or our own intuition.” Ian Fleming, Casino Royale

Casino Royale

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