You can leave that winter coat in Frankfurt

Friday, 20 December, 2013

Cold weather is setting in across the Northern Hemisphere and that summer feeling of sunshine on bare skin is already a distant memory. So, there’s only one thing to do: Fly to somewhere with beautiful beaches and smiling people and mysterious aromas and tastes. Given that 2014 will be World Cup year, the state of Bahia on Brazil’s Atlantic seaboard seems like a perfect destination as it has lots of deserted beaches and rainforests filled with wildlife. Those who know say that the small town of Itácaré is perfect for surfing, sailing, and barefooty walking, while Trancoso is rumoured to be best for beach-partying.

The only issue is what to do with the hypothermia-preventing winter coat that’s needed to get one to the airport alive. It’s bound to look out of place when watching turtles nesting on Ningaloo Reef or when strolling through the old town of Galle. Well, Frankfurt Airport has solved the problem. For €0.50 a day, travellers can check-in their cumbersome coats and pick them up when they return tanned and fit. This also deals with the challenge of increasingly full overhead luggage compartments. By the way, it looks like Frankfurt borrowed this excellent idea from Korean Air, which, on 25 November 2010, announced, “Korean Air will provide a free coat storage service for passengers leaving Korea travelling to warmer countries such as East Asia, Hawaii, Australia and etc.”

Winter coat

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