Indoctrination in Ireland: Yes, we can

Wednesday, 15 January, 2014

The Irish language (Gaeilge) has its own logic. There are, for example, no words for “Yes” or “No.” Instead, you have to use a negative sentence, such as Ní maith liom (“It isn’t good with me”.) When it comes to the modal verb “can”, things get even more complicated. So, “I can do it” is expressed as Is féidir liom, which means, literally, “It is possible with me.” By the way, the le preposition in its compound forms is an essential component of the language:

Liom: With me
Leat: With you (singular)
Leis: With him
Léi: With her
Linn: With us
Libh: With you (plural)
Leo: With them

At Davis College in Mallow, County Cork, the preposition is presented in a chunk of syntax that will prove very useful, no doubt, for the next tranche of emigrants.

Is féidir linn

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  1. Henry Barth says:

    An bhfuil fuair tú teastas breithe, an tUasal Obama?