Daniel Bejar and the other Daniel Bejar

Saturday, 26 April, 2014

“Informed by questions of memory, identity, and the histories found in the present-day, my practice looks to create ruptures within established narratives.” So states visual artist Daniel Bejar on his website. His “Statement” is a classic contender for inclusion in Pseuds Corner at Private Eye, but it gets better. In March 2011, The New Yorker published an article that uncovered Daniel Bejar’s elaborate schemes to impersonate Daniel Bejar, the Canadian musician, thereby muddling the media coverage of the two performers.

In his time, the musical Daniel Bejar has dipped into disco, folk, rock, new wave, pop and ambient electronica. On his tenth recording with the band Destroyer, which was released in 2011, he came as near to perfection as anyone who’s ever attempted to balance intricate song structures and cryptic lyrics with basic pop melodies.

Destroyer’s “Five Spanish Songs” EP was released last year and Daniel Bejar, the musician, had this to say: “It was 2013. The English language seemed spent, despicable, not easily singable. It felt over for English; good for business transactions, but that’s about it.” OMG! He’s beginning to sound like the other Daniel Bejar.

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